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released June 10, 2011

Angela Boyce
Breanna Evangelista
Richard Mackenzie
David Owen
J.P. Papineau
Kok-Wah Seet

Special Guest Musicians: Jack Midalia and Matt De La Hunty.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Lorenzo Sinagra at Lonely Stretch Studios and Brett Potter at Sound Suite.

Thanks to Cleo Papineau for helping with the design and layout.

Front and inside cover artwork by Caitlin Boyce.

All songs written by Rackets and Fives.



all rights reserved


Rackets and Fives Perth, Australia

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Track Name: Good Behaviour
Dmin F G Amin

I know this is all
can’t help wanting more
the days disappear
just as sure as I break the law

E G Amin C Dmin Emin F G
They’re gonna lock me up
and throw away the key
the smallest room in the place is guaranteed
prison stripes don’t suit me
it’s the last time I’ll be shooting

Amin F G Amin
Dmin F G Amin

The band is getting paid
their sweeping up the glass
I’m asked to finish up
but I want to make it last

They’re gonna lock me up
and throw away the key
the smallest room in the place is guaranteed
and prison stripes don’t suit me
it’s the last time I’ll go shooting

C Dmin G
I’ll regret everything I’ve done
Until the day that I’m gone
Until the day I’m hung
The long arm of the law
grabbed me by the neck
threw me against the wall
and once you're caught mostly you stay caught
And the last meal will be served soon
the beam of light shines into the empty room
and there’s still an endless time to fill
The priest will come and the guard will to
not the types to say “I’ll miss you”
and the grim faces ain’t the last sight I’d choose
Amin Emin
I wanna go to where the good folk go
F E7 A
I want to go where the gates are gold
Track Name: Peyton Place
Verse: Bb Gmin Eb D7 Eb Cmin

With the sun beating down on an Autumn day
I’m loving it
The wind blowing in and that’s the way it is
I don’t have to do anything, it’s all done
the dust on the sill and the dishes in the sink

But if you catch my drift, if you catch my drift
maybe baby we can have a happy ending yet
but if you won’t fall in
playing small violins
and saying “how sad for you”
there is nothing else that I can give

Chorus: F Cmin Dmin Gmin Dmin Eb7 F
Maybe baby we have had enough
darling there’s no way to count on luck
but if you see no point in asking
well then shut up
darling that’s no way to catch up

Then the clouds roll in off the ocean
fourth season in the day
lock all the doors and keep the warm air in
your corner talk, questions asked, jabs at my cheekbones
break the shaft of Cupid’s arrow
Track Name: Ellis Island
Capo 2nd fret

G Amin C Emin Amin (A Bmin D F#min)
It’s a accident that’s waiting to happen
I could get the customs officer booked there’s no question

I caught a ride on a White Star Line
all leaks, overbooked and I wouldn’t have cared if it went down
They let the poor folks in the gorgeous hall
It looked like Oliver Twist attending the Plaza’s ball

Don’t get me started on the service
They must’ve thought my blood was red but it’s as blue as they come
I guess they’ve got a different idea
of what it means to say the customer is sovereign they
just chalked my suit

D7 G C Amin C (E7 A D Bmin D)
Emin Amin C D (F#min Bmin D E)
To Mary, I want to write a postcard
so many rode the hudson to Ellis Island
D7 G C Amin C (E7 A D Bmin D)
I’ve spent some time on the Atlantic Ocean
Emin C Amin C D (F#min D Bmin D E)
now I’ve hardly landed and I’m already in question

I didn’t say much on the way
and funnily enough neither did Anna Q Nilsson
they were some of the worst conditions I’ve ever seen
I’ll make a complaint when we reach our destination

C C/B Amin (D D/C Bmin)
the bunks are as hard as hell
G Fbass E7 (A Gbass F#7)
in this crummy hotel
C Amin D7 (D Bmin E7)
wait till my agent gets a whiff of this
C Amin (D Bmin)
then I’ll get my upgrade
G E7 (A F#7)
to a place up on the Palisades
C C/B Amin D G (D D/C Bmin E A)
a 5-star stay overlooking New York City
Track Name: London Town
Amin Emin D Amin

I’m a little crazed tonight
the full moon is out
and everything’s quiet
in old London Town

I’ll meet you by the bridge
the one where the tourists never go
and I’ll throw you
into the Thames below

C G Amin
There’s no gold at the end
of Isis’ rainbow

The gallery is safe
away from the crowds
the wrought iron gate
keeps me from the look-out

I’ve made up my mind
no funerals will change
the sky above Saint Paul’s
just the same
Track Name: Chills
Verse: C Amin Emin

I get chills when everything is ending quick
not in the rain
not in the wind
looking out through glass at it
wound round the thing like a tightened string

Dmin E7 Amin
Dmin E7 Amin
F E7 Amin
Dmin E7 Amin

the day ends the day begins
in the traffic jam again
just once surprise me with
a fire on the median strip

I get chills like a lightning bolt cracking
out of the blue like a blink
and each day is a bee sting
and a little bit of life is on the wind

C G Amin F
The breakfast announcer is reading out the weather
It’s raining, that’s not hard to see
the traffic will free up when never meets forever
Dmin E7 Amin
and I can drive there in my sleep
Dmin E7 Amin
they call it bride’s greed

Dmin E7 Amin
I won’t have to call in sick
Track Name: Storm Surge
Capo on 4th

G D/F# A/E
There’s only the night
that comes with surprise
white on the peak
and spring rain in sheets
oh my head feels
like a swimming ship
there’s a storm surge
and the winds whip
There’s only the night
lost memories
hiding underneath
so that you can’t see
slowly it sets
the sun soon forgets
until again
it shines and burns skin

D Bmin C#min D E
D Bmin C#min D E
D Bmin C#min D E
D Bmin C#min D E F#min G A7

D A Bmin G Emin
The whitewash swells and crashes
my whit knuckles take the lashes
holding on to the railing so I don’t go overboard

There’s only the night
and if not for the starry sky
I’d be lost
and I’d just drive
and wackel Elvis swings
hung on a string
his hips moving
with the suspension’s jerky springs
There’s only the night
the rumble strip
rattling the tires
when I slipped into sleep
I grabbed the wheel
alert like a thief
seconds pass
what a relief!


So I don’t go overboard repeat X2
C/G D/F# G


E riff G/C F#/D G

C Cmaj7 Csus C7
The moment came but I missed my chance
G F#/D Emin
maybe it wasn’t written
I met my match and struck it fast
G F#/D C
and everything is disappearing
cause nothing good ever lasts

Emin A X 3 (violin Ab Eb B C# Bb F#)
F#7 B7 (B G F#) Emin
Track Name: Summer's Here
Verse: Cmin F Ab Eb Dmin Cmin
Chorus: Dmin Eb X2 Dmin Cmin F Gmin Gmin7

Summer’s here, cold drinks in the fridge
There’s no harm done except burning skin
Please tell me you are joking

The slab of metal is getting hot
Steaks soak in a styrofoam cot
The yellow sticker explodes the “SPECIAL!”

Hey it’s the sun
Beating down on everyone
Bang, Bang, Bang the drum

Water at the shore is foamy silk
Laps like a cat at a bowl of milk
The morning is perfectly still

Summer’s here and the days are long
something’s bound to go wrong
There’s so much time for it to happen
Track Name: Rust Bucket
Dmin G
The old rust bucket won’t make it
the old rust bucket won’t last
but if I try
F Dmin G
by some miracle
Dmin G C
I just might get close to home

The whole place has gone crazy
the whole place has lost it
if I lie
and say I’m doing fine
all the hurt may not show

Those same mistakes
are what got me here in the first place
Dmin Amin Dmin
what we’ve got here ain’t anything new
Dmin Amin/C G/G F Amin
that don’t change too much for my case
Dmin G C E7
I guess I better grow up and act my age


Dmin G C B7

Emin A x2
Bmin G Emin A
Emin A D x2
Track Name: Hangman
Intro and chorus: F C G Amin

C F Amin
G F Amin
C F Amin C G Gsus4
C F Amin
G F Dmin Amin
C F Amin C G Gsus4

Pre Chorus: Amin G
Amin C G x2

You draw cartoons
Maybe you don’t like me or maybe you do
Well I can’t
I can’t even tell
These pluses could be positives
or they could be tombstone crosses
You maybe saying I’m great or I’m better off dead

I don’t know what it means
the cloud above my head has got me beat

I’m a stick figure
I’m a couple of lines
Just a few more and I’m
on the hangman’s line

You draw cartoons
Accidents and attacks are nothing new
How sad
There’s nothing we can do
These scrapbook scribbles are maps
to the end that parades in lines and contrast
I’d like to believe its all fine as nothings been said

I don’t know how you feel
my eyelids are heavy
I sleep behind the wheel
Track Name: The Confederate Gold Stand-Off Saga
Amin Amin/G Dmin C
You’re always on my case
always trying to take something away

Amin Amin/G Amin Amin/E
And it’ll all end at the boneyard
C G F E7
it’ll all end when we’re breathing hard

I want what’s in the grave
I guess that you want just the same

And it’ll all end at the boneyard
It’ll all end when your eyeballs dart

Dmin G C E7
Someone’s got a big idea
rolling to the bottom
someone’s got a big idea
they come for the rough and tumble ’round here

Amin G X3
Amin Emin Dmin Cnote

I know you don’t mean me harm
you’ll just do whatever it takes to get what you want

It’ll all end at the boneyard
it’ll all end when the violence starts

Amin G (pause)
Dmin G Emin G(note) Amin